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  • Number of presets: 100
    Requirements: Ultra Analog VA-2 2.01 and above
    Price: €14.99

    Memento is an expansion for AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 with a very clear orientation towards those rich 70s sounds. The presets contained in this bank are not recreations of classic patches but a new take on these warm sounds. If you are into synthwave, the wide variety of the presets will be a big asset and I am sure they will put a smile on your face.

    All sounds in these tracks (except the drums) are from Memento. Only slight EQ, compression and reverb were used.

    Preset List

    AR Countdown
    AR Clockwork
    AR Cursor
    AR Flutter Bells
    AR Galactic Dreams
    AR Meteors
    AR Modern Knight
    AR Nineteen Eighty
    AR Octave Power
    AR Spacebound
    AR Tail Lights
    AR Wild Star
    AT Afterlife
    AT Beta Phase
    AT Binary Stars
    AT Deep Forest
    AT Forbidden Planet
    AT Glassworks
    AT Last Goodbye
    AT Rusty World
    AT Seascape
    AT Silver Lining
    AT Skidding Stones
    AT Space Hero
    BA Essentials
    BA Cheap Revolution
    BA Classic Reso
    BA Deep Dip
    BA Full Chorus
    BA Gritty Magic
    BA Laser Bass
    BA Percussive Mutes
    BA Rectangled
    BA Square Delight
    BA The One
    CH Arp Magic
    CH Bubble Effect
    CH Noisy Bass
    CH Octave Lead
    CH Overworld
    CH Pixel Knight
    FX Deep Core Flow
    FX Ghostwind
    KY Jump Street
    KY Flutes On Tape
    KY Mechanical Wonder
    KY Neoclassical
    KY Organista
    KY Reedy Keys
    LD Betamax
    LD Childhood's End
    LD Daddy's Modular
    LD Early Prog
    LD High & Low
    LD Liquid Notes
    LD Magic Pills
    LD Scanlines
    LD Stage Lights
    LD Super PWM
    LD Tape Leak
    LD Total Sync
    LD Tye-Dye
    PD Computer Room
    PD Deep Spring
    PD Departure
    PD Dirty Shine
    PD Double Rainbow
    PD Drifting
    PD Dusty Flutter
    PD Early Riser
    PD Faded Polaroid
    PD Living Machine
    PD Man On the Mood
    PD Meet the Sweep
    PD Off the Edge
    PD Replications
    PD Ripples
    PD Synth Chops
    PD VHS Love
    PD Zero Gravity
    PL Early Morning
    PL Late Night
    PL Fragments
    PL Lucky Number
    PL Moonlighting
    PL Sunshine
    PL Tanglewood
    PL Tin of Sound
    SR Fusion Brass
    SR Brass Circuits
    SR Keytar Hero
    SY Into the Matrix
    SY Feline
    SY Melted Tape
    SY Polywood
    SY Pristine Space
    SY Revival Mode
    SY Wim Kylde
    SY Wired Love
    SY Wraith