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  • Number of presets: 100
    Requirements: Synplant 1.2.2 and above
    Price: €11.99

    Many artistic projects come in trilogies and I thought it was going to the same with the Cellspace series. Everything changed when I got that Synplant itch again and I just had to make another bank for it! For Cellspace vol. 4, I have used every trick I learned over the last 6 years and the result is stunning. Evocative, pristine, warm, uplifting, the presets this volume contains will enhance every single one of your electronic productions.

    Ghostwave crafts some of the most refined Synplant patches I have heard with an obvious effort of making useful and playable sounds that responds nicely to mod-wheel etc. The latest part of the chapter (Cellspace vol. 4) is no exception. To me, it takes Synplant into an unexpected territory with some of the most authentically analogue, warm and uncomplicated sounds I have heard from my botanical synthesizer yet. Well done!
    Magnus Lidström, Co-founder of Sonic Charge

    All sounds in these tracks (except the drums) are from Cellspace vol. 4. Only slight EQ, compression and reverb were used.

    Preset List

    BA Choos
    BA Devito
    BA Liben
    BA Ortas
    BA Pendo
    BA Poseiro
    BA Tenuis
    BA Trado
    BA Vinior
    CH Alii
    CH Avarus
    CH Bibo
    CH Negom
    CH Tersus
    FX C3hart
    FX Foiled
    FX Trealmon
    FX Virgo
    KY Alius
    KY Cipio
    KY Dextera
    KY Epoor
    KY Juline
    LD Aesidium
    LD Buer
    LD Hespor
    LD Infitt
    LD Pendium
    MA Certo
    MA Conlogus
    MA Instoll
    MA Joise
    MA Lunara
    MA Punio
    MA Rocinor
    MA Stans I
    MA Stans II
    MA Univert
    PD Blooz
    PD Cuius
    PD Desolo
    PD Formo
    PD Galitas
    PD Hic
    PD Hospe
    PD Illum
    PD Intus
    PD Lovium
    PD Mentario
    PD Niquesco
    PD Nomen
    PD Obley
    PD Opner
    PD Orroboro
    PD Pleycid
    PD Proles
    PD Renflux
    PD Untum
    PL Alium
    PL Anser
    PL Crinitus
    PL Libero
    PL Memor Io
    PL Mentus
    PL Mitto
    PL Qinoe
    PL Quaero
    PL Queo
    PL Supero
    PL Tink
    SY Aerso
    SY Aposhe
    SY Buncho
    SY Citto
    SY Corro
    SY Dascord
    SY Delici
    SY Dilgenter
    SY Diod
    SY Dislack
    SY Fooi
    SY Haarne
    SY Hisoe
    SY Imber
    SY Infantia
    SY Kalesko
    SY Modion
    SY Necess
    SY Nellus
    SY Pala
    SY Pumi
    SY Quadrile
    SY Scisco
    SY Spargo
    SY Suscipio
    SY Suspens
    SY Tarque
    SY Tesko
    SY Wosel
    TX Lama Vita