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  • Number of presets: 100
    Requirements: Synplant 1.2 and above
    Price: €11.99

    This third instalment of the Cellspace series is filled with beautiful pads, synths, plucks and many other kinds of unusual sounds and just like the rest of the Cellspace series, vol. 3 is suitable for any electronic genre. Perfect companion to the other volumes, this set manages to match the same high-quality standard while still offering fresh sounds.

    All sounds in these tracks (except the drums) are from Cellspace vol. 3. Only slight EQ, compression and reverb were used.

    Preset List

    BA Lima
    BA Mundus
    BA Sitio
    FX Patiens
    KY Ambulo
    LD Inseq
    LD Joop
    LD Leno
    LD Mors
    LD Velox
    MA Eriom
    MA Iste
    MA Krupe
    MA Mona
    MA Thala
    MA Xern
    PD Amitto
    PD Bhira
    PD Bles
    PD Brium
    PD Capto
    PD Cupio
    PD Eloquentia
    PD Equam
    PD Fero
    PD Glos
    PD Guer
    PD Hoien
    PD Milier
    PD Naereni
    PD Nego
    PD Petto
    PD Prool
    PD Repl
    PD Sabilo
    PD Seho
    PD Serebus
    PD Tamen
    PD Terra
    PD Thala
    PD Urii
    PL Aoko
    PL Dhos
    PL Dudum
    PL Mize
    PL Pir
    PL Plur
    PL Thos
    PL Timorium
    PL Yert
    ST Mell
    ST Voen
    SY Aerol
    SY Ancill
    SY Caveo
    SY Cohor
    SY Concepta
    SY Conecto
    SY Eon
    SY Fama
    SY Finiti
    SY Gehir
    SY Heem
    SY Hoem
    SY Huine
    SY Imago
    SY Jope
    SY Keio
    SY Laceo
    SY Leviden
    SY Ludo
    SY Medo
    SY Melitele
    SY Muni
    SY Narro
    SY Olers
    SY Onuus
    SY Ordo
    SY Pictor
    SY Plector
    SY Porei
    SY Posteri Reus
    SY Quard
    SY Quippe
    SY Rex
    SY Rota
    SY Saati
    SY Senro
    SY Sesco
    SY Somosta
    SY Sudo
    SY Sulum
    SY Theer
    SY Umb
    SY Utel
    SY Venio
    SY Werio
    SY Ysa
    TX Genus
    TX Zere