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  • Number of presets: 64
    Requirements: Sylenth1 2.2 and above
    Price: €11.99

    Dreamware is a premium bank suitable for any genre and the diversity of this set is greater than any of my previous banks. I wanted to get the best out of Sylenth1 with a set resembling those you can find on a workstation and each preset has been carefully programmed to be the best in its category.

    All sounds in these tracks (except the drums) are from Dreamware. Only slight EQ, compression and reverb were used.

    Preset List

    AR Opportunity
    AR Into the Void
    AR Numbers
    AR Photonic
    AR Philter
    AR Polyester
    AR Suborbital
    AR Overcloud
    AR Resurrection
    BA At Home
    BA Chiseled
    BA Comets
    BA DX-style
    BA Legacy
    BA Subterranean
    BA Wowowow
    BR Golden Age
    BR Metalwork
    DR Synthetic Beat
    KY Electric Haze
    KY Summer Sunset
    KY Ether
    KY Organic Vibes
    KY Open Bar
    KY Krunchy Keys
    LD Fading Lights
    LD Forest Echoes
    LD Hard Life
    LD Modernity I
    LD Modernity II
    LD Double Take
    LD Spin
    LD Voyager
    MA Beyond the Light
    MA Bubble Bells
    MA Hollow
    MA Ripples And Reed
    MA Steel Harmonics
    MA Wooden Vibrations
    PA A Distant Past
    PD Closure
    PD Good Times
    PD Horizon 5
    PD Poles
    PD Revolutions
    PD Rise
    PD Brocken Spectre
    PD Through the Gate
    PD Wind Magic
    PD Z-Space
    PD Gravity Well
    PD Old Circuit
    PD Analog Pulse
    PD Tape Experiment
    SY Airtight
    SY Eien
    SY Flint
    SY Gated Flow
    SY Hologram
    TX Multiverse
    TX Surface Tension
    TX Ancient Caves
    TX Liquid Metal
    TX Steve's Touch