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  • Freeware soundbanks

    Here are a few banks freely available for your enjoyment.
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    Number of presets: 64
    Requirements: OB-Xd 1.3 (VST-only for now)

    Bringing the bliss of that Oberheim sound and a very easy-to-use interface together, OB-Xd is a phenomenal free synth. I spent quite a few hours having fun with it (and even made an OB-X skin for it) and here is the result. It's a very diverse bank which will suit everyone in need of that warm vintage sound. You can get OB-Xd for free here.

    Number of presets: 64
    Requirements: Compatible with DUNE 1 full version, CM and DUNE LE Beat edition but not with DUNE 2.

    Designed for EDM, ambient, chill & electronica productions, this bank is a great way to give them a soft vintage flavor. Evolving pads, uplifting leads, delicate plucks and mallets, all the ingredients for making outstanding music are gathered in this set.

    Number of presets: 90
    Requirements: Charlatan 1.2 and above

    The concept of capsule is related to my love for cassette tapes: 60 presets for 60-minute cassettes in 2 banks of 30 patches corresponding to sides A & B and an extra 30-preset bank, The Lost Side. This bank is very diverse and can be used for any kind of electronic productions and if you don't have it already, you can get Charlatan for free here.