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  • Number of presets: 64
    Requirements: DIVA 1.3.1 and above
    Price: €11.99

    While DIVA is a monster synth, Shale is all about how delicate, inspirational and beautiful synths sounds can be. Reminiscent of the best beat-driven ambient and electronica, its arps, basses, leads, pads and textures are great building elements for evocative and trippy productions. All patches contain extensive information for the internal browser.

    All sounds in these tracks (except the drums) are from Shale. Only slight EQ, compression and reverb were used.

    Preset List

    AR Acid Echoes
    AR Cloud Nine
    AR Construct
    AR Deep Pulse
    AR Double Helix
    AR Harmonics
    AR Interstellar
    AR Meteor Shower
    AR Night Drive
    AR Spirals
    AR Taped Memories
    AR The Bender
    AR Uncharted Space
    BA Cold Fusion
    BA Land of Birds
    BA Loose Electrons
    BA Low Battery
    BA Low n Pure
    BA Octavia
    BA Phospho
    BA Prototype
    BA Tesla's Own
    BA Under the Influence
    LD Butterfly
    LD Cop Flick
    LD FlashBack
    LD Hardware Song
    LD Lifeline
    LD Liquid Guitar
    LD Loneliness
    LD Low Clone
    LD RetroActive
    LD Sublinks
    MA Ancient Tines
    MA Chromatic Dreams
    PD Chiba Streetscape
    PD Dark Energy
    PD Deep Sorrow
    PD Empty Shores
    PD Ether One
    PD Ghostwind
    PD Oort
    PD Overflow
    PD Shifting Souls
    PD Sleeping Stars
    PD Time Hall
    PD VHS Treasure
    PL Kin
    PL Koto
    PL Serendipity
    PL sHarp
    SY Blue Shift
    SY Echoes
    SY First Recordings
    SY Forgotten Childhood
    SY Gated Flow
    SY Genesis
    SY HyperCube
    SY Paper Waves
    SY Prime
    SY Shnap
    SY Stratosphere
    TX Deep Sea Communications
    TX Into the Void