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  • Creative synthesis since 2012

    Ghostwave Audio is a professional musical project dedicated to creating a large selection of great-sounding banks for software instruments and effects.
    After being formally trained as a pianist, I discovered synthesizer programming and have been hooked to it ever since. I spent years making sounds for my personal use but decided I could use my skills even further. That’s why in August 2012, I decided to devote a larger part of my time to this activity and Ghostwave Audio was launched.
    Aside from this project, I have also designed factory patches for Tone2 and Synapse Audio. If you are looking for a sound designer for your product, I'm available for bespoke work.

    All the patches on Ghostwave Audio are my own creations and can be used for almost any genre. I usually have an idea of the sound I want to make but the programming process sometimes takes me in unexpected directions. I believe that experimenting is a key to great sound design. All presets have identical levels for a pleasant browsing experience and have been programmed to the best of my abilities. I am proud of every single one of them.

    Thank you for supporting my work!
    Vincent (Ghostwave)


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    As you can see in the address bar of your browser, the entire site is "secure" so all data sent and received is encrypted.

    All products sold on are processed by DPD, a digital product delivery service, and are available for download immediately after purchase.
    If you wish to contact me, please use the contact page.

    Frequently-asked questions

    "I like those sounds in the audio demos, how can I have them in my tracks?"
    Prior to purchasing a bank from Ghostwave Audio, you need to make sure you own a license for the software the bank was made for. I do not sell this software or samples, only extra patches for it.

    "Can I use those patches in commercial music?"
    By purchasing a bank on Ghostwave Audio, you purchase the license to use those sounds in any musical composition royalty-free, be it commercial or non-commercial. You do not own the sounds but the right to use them.

    "I don’t like the sounds I purchased. Can I get a refund?"
    Because of the digital nature of the products sold on Ghostwave Audio, a refund will not be possible. For each product, you will find all relevant information, audio demos and free patches so make sure you think carefully before placing your order.

    "There is a software synth I really like but can’t program it. Will you make a bank for it?"
    While I usually only program synths I really like, I am open to suggestions. If it is worth my time, I will definitely look into it.

    "I am a synth developer and I need someone to work on the factory bank, will you do it?"
    I am open to all job offers and if I like to product, I will likely say yes, just like I did when working on the factory banks for Tone2 Nemesis or Synapse Audio DUNE 2.


    All the original audio and graphical material is copyrighted to Ghostwave Audio. The website was programmed from scratch by me and uses extremely little "borrowed" code.
    For the rest, thanks to the developers/artists who have shared their work.

    Cellspace vol. 1: Caltiva Creatividad
    Cellspace vol. 2: David Ritter
    Cellspace vol. 3: Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo
    Cellspace vol. 4: Ove Tøpfer
    Dreamware: John Nyberg
    Memento: Ghostwave
    MixRight: Rob Gonyea
    Orange Crush: Jason Antony
    Shale: Sioda
    Blueshift: Peter Haworth
    Frozen Lifeforms: Florin Garoi
    Time Capsule: Ghostwave
    Social icons: Zee Que