Ghostwave Audio is a project dedicated to providing quality expansion banks for software synthesizers and effects. Designed for commercial-grade music, each product has been programmed with the utmost care by Vincent Bastiat.

Lastest news
23.10.14 - New website!
01.05.14 - Cellspace vol.2 for Synplant released
24.12.13 - MixRight updated to v1.4
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100 presets - $16.95
64 presets - $11.95
64 presets - $11.95
64 presets - $11.95
64 presets - $11.95
64 presets - $11.95
A great utility - $12.95
30 presets - $5.95
90 presets - FREE
20 presets - FREE
I'm currently working on presets for:

- Synplant
- Serum
You can easily find me on KVR Audio where I am very active. Look for user Karten.
Do you want me to make presets for a synth you like? Don't hesitate to contact me.
This website is shiny new so if you notice anything that does not work, please notify me.
Ghostwave Audio is currently participating in the KVR Audio Save the Children charity.
Why not check out the list of developers and good deals to be had while giving useful money to a good cause?
For more details: KVR Charity 2014
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